Welcome to your Fertility space!

I am Alicia Tio, a biologist specialized in natural fertility and assisted reproduction.

I grew up in Salamanca, a small town in beautiful Spain, surrounded by nature. I graduated in Biology and later specialized in reproductive biotechnology, as I found it amazing to see how a simple cell (the spermatozoa), through a series of mechanisms, was able to move and direct itself toward another cell (the egg) to create a future baby. If you think about it, the fact that everything develops as it should is a true miracle of nature!

Since 2015, I have been working in the field of fertility at both national and international levels. First as an Embryologist, then as a Patient Care Coordinator, and finally as a Fertility Navigator for several companies based in the US.

Throughout my professional career, I have realized the emotional impact that fertility issues can have on people who want to build a family. Not being able to get pregnant quickly can be an emotional rollercoaster, and if assisted reproduction treatment is needed, the situation can become unsustainable for many people.

Part of the fear and anxiety caused by fertility treatments comes from the lack of information, the unknown processes, the uncertainty that characterizes each stage of the process, and the possible side effects. That’s why I created this safe space to provide you with answers to your questions and resources that can expedite the achievement of your pregnancy.

Professional experience
Professional experience

Spending my time and knowledge with people like you who need help to achieve a healthy pregnancy, have questions about the process, and/or are lost on their path to parenthood is my priority.

Whether you are struggling to get pregnant naturally with your partner or need assistance from assisted reproduction to achieve it, this is your space.

After helping hundreds of people, I can affirm that this journey can be much easier and shorter when you have the guidance of professionals.

My goal is for you to understand your situation and reproductive options so that you can advocate for yourself during a fertility treatment, participate in the decisions and have the necessary resources to improve your self-esteem and not give up at the first setback if things don’t go as expected.




Alicia Tio Castro
Teléfono: +34 644 742 364

Nº Bióloga Colegiada
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